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The DEC Booklet

DEC booklet

In this booklet you'll find information about

- what you should do when you arrive at the DEC (badge, ENS email account, mailing list, intranet ...)

- more general information (visa, social insurance, accommodation, bank account, language courses)

Don't hesitate to also ask your labmates and PI for information.

DEC Mediators

DEC Mediator

The department has a mediator for student-superviser conflict resolution. 


The mediator will

-  offer confidential advice and

-  support to students experiencing difficulties in their relationships with their supervisers that have an impact on the student's ability to work. 


Examples of issues the mediator can help with are

-  strong dissatisfaction with the quality of communication or contact with the superviser

-  debilitating anxiety created by superviser expectations perceived as unreasonable. 


The mediator is only properly equipped to deal with difficulties that arise from the specificity of the student-superviser relationship but s/he will provide basic direction to students presenting problems that are properly handled by a different institution within the department or the university. 


The mediator is a faculty member, and s/he is advised by a student representative. Students are welcome to contact the student representative in the first instance, with the understanding that the mediation will be conducted by the faculty member, with the student representative serving in an advisory role.


For the academic year of 2019-2020, the mediator is Jeremy Kuhn and the student representative is yet to be decided.  Students who would like to speak with the mediator or student representative are encouraged to contact them.

Bank Holidays


Bank Holidays

January 1st            New Years Day

May 1st                   Labour Day

May 8th                  V-E Day

July 14th                 Bastille Day

August 15th           Assumption Day

November 1st       All Saint's Day

November 11th    Armistice Day

December 25th    Christmas Day 

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