Women in Science

Organized by Si Berrebi (LSCP), Naomi Havron (LSCP) & Nura Sidarus (IJN) 

Funded by             

Where is it harder for women, across career stages?

How do implicit biases shape our attitudes towards our colleagues?

How can we reduce inequalities?

What organisations and support are available for women?


     - Introduction

     - Lucie's

     - Aude's

Watch the event here

Come join the international conversation about the place of women in science!

Everyone is invited! Students, post-docs, PIs, whatever gender, whether you have a strong opinion about it or not.

11.30 - 13.00   Panel discussion  


13.00 - 14.00  Lunch in Espace Curie 

Lucie Charles, Anne Christophe & Aude Nyadanu

& discussion with the audience

The panel

Lucie Charles

Post-doc in Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL 

Anne Christophe

CNRS Senior researcher, ENS

Lab Director (LSCP)

Aude Nyadanu

PhD student in Chemistry, X-ENS

L'Oréal-UNESCO Prize

With financial support from

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