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Code experiments with Psychtoolbox by Alexandra Vlassova

Total Duration: ~3h

  • Lesson 1: Basic Functions

  • Lesson 2: Program experiments

Videos are now on Youtube


Lesson 1

Basic Functions


Lesson 2

Program experiments

The goal of this course was to provide an overview and guide for how to use Psychtoolbox to program experiments.

In Week 1, I covered the basic functions, ranging from how to draw and present text/images, motion/animations, accurate timing, playing audio etc.

In Week 2, I covered response collection, data storage/exporting, and gave walkthroughs on how to code, setup, and test full experiments.

  • A very basic knowledge of how Matlab works is assumed

  • You can attend without a laptop, and just follow along with what Alexandra's doing 

  • The code will be made available the day before the talk on Alexandra's website

  • Have Psychtoolbox-3 installed (download it here and follow the instructions to install before the course) 


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